Rights & Responsibilities of Sellers and Buyers
Seller Responsibilities Checklist

Vaccinate 5 days prior to ship date with Neopar/high titer parvo, use a coccidiastat for at least the last 3 days prior to ship
Bathe animal and clip toenails
Check ears for ear mites
Vet check for hernias, bite issues, parasites, and diseases, before posting on the website. Note also the size of open fonts, knee grade, and heart grades (see Standards Page)
Health certificate
Vaccination and Deworming record on form
Invoice buyer with total cost of animal
Fulfill warrantee obligations
Provide feedback about buyer

Rights of Seller

To receive payments as stipulated
Not have animal rejected if the Responsibilities have been satisfied and animal is as represented to buyer
To receive papers back on any diseased animals warrantee claim, vet authentication that is industry acceptable for proof of warrantee (Some price reduction if animal cannot be returned with congenital warrantee issues)

Rights of Buyer

To receive animal as represented
To receive animal that has all of sellers checklist satisfied
To receive all paper work with The standardized forms so that buyer and staff can read, understand, and present to the consumer
To receive warrantee and have all of it satisfied (when the stipulated authentication is provided)

Responsibilities of Buyer

Pay as specified in transaction
Accept all animals unless clinically ill, contaminated with ecto parasites, or not as represented in the transaction
Provide specified vet info for any congenital warrantee
Talk with breeder before committing to allow consumer to keep animal for the 30 days post shipping (after 30 days vet authentication will suffice)
Provide feedback to seller and on site feedback system

Sellers Checklist
Check list for use prior to listing:

Examine puppy for any defects.
Look at bite, eyes, open font, knees toes, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia (belly button), testicles, and hair condition.
Have hernias repaired.
List animal with all known information.
Enter weight and date of birth on website.
Update website with any changes of status, including weight in the last few days of the sale period.
Vaccinate and deworm with at least the minimum program listed.